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  • anionic polyacrylamide - wastewater treatment chemicals

    Anionic polyacrylamide - wastewater treatment chemicals

    Description. Anionic polyacrylamide is the kind of wastewater treatment chemicals which is water-soluble linear polymer synthesized with high degree of polymerization.Anionic polyacrylamide powder is easily soluble in water and almost insoluble in common organic solvents such as benzene, ether, lipids and acetone. Anionic polyacrylamide molecular chain contains a certain amount of polar groups

  • water treatment chemical flocculant nonionic anionic

    Water Treatment Chemical Flocculant Nonionic Anionic

    Water Treatment Chemical Flocculant Nonionic Anionic Cationic Polyacrylamide , Find Complete Details about Water Treatment Chemical Flocculant Nonionic Anionic Cationic Polyacrylamide,Polyacrylamide,Cationic Polyacrylamide,Anionic Polyacrylamide from Electronics Chemicals Supplier or Manufacturer-Gongyi Filter Industry Co., Ltd.

  • high quality sewage treatment chemicals cationic

    High Quality Sewage Treatment Chemicals Cationic

    (1) Cationic polyacrylamide can be used for the treatment of domestic sewage and organic waste water, such as ethyl alcohol, paper making, aginomoto factory, sugaring, forage, printing and dyeing textile.etc. For the treatment of municipal sewage, sludge sediment and dewatering of waste water from the meat, poultry, food process.

  • cationic polyacrylamide and anionic polyacrylamide

    cationic polyacrylamide and anionic polyacrylamide

    Anionic polyacrylamide has a wide range of uses such as in Petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coal, tanning, pharmaceutical, food, stone and so on, in which APAM can be used in solid-liquid separation, industrial waste water treatment and the recycling of waste water.

  • waste water treatment chemical products – c.c.i. chemical

    Waste Water Treatment Chemical Products – C.C.I. Chemical

    C.C.I. has an extensive line of waste water treatment chemical products. Utilizing our own chemical blending facilities, we manufacture our chemistries to the highest quality standards. The industries we serve range from oil refining to power production and from steel production to paper converting.

  • (pdf) polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

    (PDF) Polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

    Polyacrylamide and its co-polymers are used as flocculants or coagulants in industrial wastewater treatment .Homo-polymer is used in this application and can be either nonionic, cationic or

  • china polyacrylamide manufacturer, cationic etherifying

    China Polyacrylamide manufacturer, Cationic Etherifying

    Dongying j&m chemical Co., Ltd, which was established in 2009, specializes in manufacturing and distributing series of paper-making chemicals and water treatment chemicals. Featured products include 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethyl ammonium chloride (liquid / solid), polyacrylamide (cationic / anionic / zwitterionic / non-ionic), AKD power and

  • water treatment chemicals - polyelectrolyte manufacturer

    Water Treatment Chemicals - Polyelectrolyte Manufacturer

    AvansChem Anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) is the most important raw material in high molecular weight polyacrylamide water treatment chemicals. Our APAM with anionic charge density ranging from 0-100% that are class leading in applications such as raw water clarification, fermentation by-product recovery, sugar juice clarification and process

  • the toxicity of polyacrylamide - vidar water

    The toxicity of polyacrylamide - Vidar Water

    Therefore, provisions of national health departments have industrial products polyacrylamide residual acrylamide content, typically 0.5% --- 0.05%. Polyacrylamide for industrial and urban sewage purification treatment, generally allowing 0.2% acrylamide levels for direct drinking water treatment, the levels of acrylamide to be below 0.05%.

  • 12 list of chemicals used in wastewater treatment plants

    12 List of Chemicals Used in Wastewater Treatment Plants

    The first chemical in wastewater treatment plant is aluminum sulfate. Aluminum sulfate in wastewater plant acts as purifier of the wastewater. The chemical itself is soluble and easily reacts to the chemicals in wastewater. As a result, it produces protein antigens that break insoluble and hazardous chemicals.

  • polyacrylamide for water treatment

    Polyacrylamide for Water Treatment

    Cationic polyacrylamide has strong flocculation effect, it can adsorb the flocculent particles in the water, and make its rapid subsidence, so as to achieve the separation of mud. If the sludge dewatering process has no polyacrylamide, wastewater and sludge is a kind of mixed state because of its thickening enrichment work.