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  • activated molecular sieve powder 3a,4a,5a,13x zeolite

    Activated Molecular Sieve Powder 3a,4a,5a,13x Zeolite

    Activated Molecular Sieve Powder 3a,4a,5a,13x Zeolite Powder , Find Complete Details about Activated Molecular Sieve Powder 3a,4a,5a,13x Zeolite Powder,Activated Molecular Sieve Powder,3a 4a 5a 13x Zeolite,Zeolite Powder from Paper Chemicals Supplier or Manufacturer-Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co., Ltd.

  • molecular sieve 3a,4a,5a,13x,13xapg

    Molecular Sieve 3A,4A,5A,13X,13XAPG

    5A Type Molecular Sieve. 5A molecular sieve pore size for 5A, can adsorption is less than the diameter of any molecule, is mainly used in heterogeneous hydrocarbon separation, pressure swing adsorption, adsorption separation and water and carbon dioxide, based on the industrial application characteristics of 5A molecular sieve, we in the production of 5A molecular sieve choose high adsorption

  • zeolite molecular sieves, 3a, 4a, 5a, 13x | sinocata

    Zeolite Molecular Sieves, 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X | SINOCATA

    The main component of 13X molecular sieve is aluminosilicate that forms potassium aperture with 10A and it is a molecular sieve of sodium X with X-type crystal structure. 13X molecular sieve has adsorption capacity of sieve element with the critical diameter greater than 10A.

  • molecular sieve 13x - bulk industrial desiccants - interra

    Molecular Sieve 13X - Bulk Industrial Desiccants - Interra

    It can adsorb all molecules that can be adsorbed by 3A, 4A, and 5A molecular sieve. Type 13X molecular sieve can also adsorb molecules such as aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbons, which have large critical diameters. Chemical Formula: Na 86 [(AlO 2) 86 (SiO 2) 106]• nH 2 O. Get Quote Now . Product Data Sheet: mSORB 13X Molecular Sieve

  • 3a molecular siev price suppliers, manufacturer

    3a Molecular Siev Price Suppliers, Manufacturer

    Molecular Sieve 13x-hp Supplier | Zeolite Molecular Sieve 3a 4a 5a 13x | Top Zeolite 3a 4a 5a 13x 13x-apg 13x-hp For Chemical Adsorption | Lowest Price 2019 Raw Material 8*12 Mesh 3a Molecular Sieve 96.3% Response Rate

  • molecular sieves 3a, 4a, 5a, 13x and pellets| cmpl

    Molecular sieves 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X AND Pellets| CMPL

    The molecular sieves are segregated into few other categories as well depending upon the absorbing quality of these desiccant sieve and those are 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X. Now, safe handling of the products including oil and gas, are possible with molecular sieves.

  • zeolite 4a - molecular sieve | molecular sieve powder

    Zeolite 4A - Molecular Sieve | Molecular Sieve Powder

    Molecular sieve 4A is usually used for in packaging of drugs, electronic components.Since 4A molecular sieve is more easier to be produced than 3A molecular sieve, 5A molecular sieve, 13X molecular sieve, it is more economic than other three desiccant. Molecular Sieve 4A have the shape of beads, pallets. More Details: 1.

  • molecular sieves - zeolite molecular sieves manufacturer

    Molecular Sieves - Zeolite Molecular Sieves Manufacturer

    Molecular sieve is classified by its pore size in angstroms, some of the most used being 3A, 4A, 5A, 8A (10X) and 10A, also known as 13X. This feature allows the selection of a molecular sieve which can absorb water yet exclude most of other molecules or other desiccants which will absorb bigger molecules like aromatics or carbon dioxides.

  • the difference of molecular sieve 13x, 3a, 4a, and 5a_zibo

    The difference of Molecular sieve 13X, 3A, 4A, and 5A_Zibo

    Molecular sieve 3A mainly adsorb water Molecular sieve 4A is mainly used in deep dry of the air, gas, liquid, frozen agent, medicine and electronic materials, the purification of argon gas and the separation of methane, ethane and propane. The selection of water adsorption performance is higher than any other molecules. Molecular sieve 5A include the effect of molecular sieve 3A and molecular

  • molecular sieves - technical information bulletin | sigma

    Molecular Sieves - Technical Information Bulletin | Sigma

    The powder forms of the 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X sieves are suitable for specialized applications. Long known for their drying capacity (even to 90°C), molecular sieves have recently demonstrated utility in synthetic organic procedures, frequently allowing isolation of desired products from condensation reactions that are governed by generally

  • 3a molecular sieves – dehydrating ethanol hydrated vapors

    3A Molecular Sieves – Dehydrating Ethanol Hydrated Vapors

    In the case of ethanol, water is extracted by making it dehydrated with the help of adsorbent structure of molecular sieve 3A. The potassium-based molecular sieve pore size of 3a is 3A0 or 3 Angstrom, it cannot adsorb all molecules which having the pore size is large then 3A. 3A molecular sieve can be available in beads, pellets and powder form.