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    Technical Data Sheet: Ultrabrite SRHS; Self Regulating High Speed Decorative Chrome Plating Process; Production Description: Ultrabrite SRHS is a self regulation high speed chrome plating process specially formulated for decorative chrome plating to produce an exceptional bright chromium deposit having outstanding covering power and cathode efficiency.

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    Research & Development ; Network; Enquiry; Contact; Chrome Plating: BRIGHT CHROME: KROMOLEX CHROME SALT: Conventional type chrome plating system which can be used for both decorative and hard chrome application. DATA SHEET: MSDS . KROMOLEX SRHS CHROME: A high speed chrome bath which employs a special mixed soluble catalyst to meet the

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    Chrome Plating Chemistry. Chromium plating demands increased efficiency and process control, at the lowest possible operating cost. Hunter Chemical LLC can help you meet these objectives with the use of our Hard Chrome Catalyst HCA-50™ and other chrome plating chemicals.

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    Additive for Hard Chrome Plating - Finishing

    Additive for Hard Chrome Plating 2001. Our company's business focus is hard chrome plating. The product part is Piston Crown, whose shape is cylindrical and has a diameter up to 1 meter. Such piston crown's height is within the range 210mm-550mm and weigh up to 1500 kg.

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    Established in the year 2006 in Mumbai, we Crystal Enterprises are the most famous Manufacture, Wholesaler, Exporter, Trader & Supplier of a complete range of Plating Chemicals, Plating Accessories and Anode Baskets etc. These chemical products are made using top grade stuff in accordance with the set chemical industry standards. Available at affordable prices, these chemicals are extensively

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    Chrome Plating Solution. For all new customers we offer an automatic discount on all purchases after you first purchase if you become a member of the Gold Plating Guild - the largest Guild of Gold Platers in the WORLD.

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    Hard Chrome Plating System HENE-6000. A unique non-fluoride cataylst for high speed chromium plating. HENE-6000 CATALYST is specially designed to be used for hard chrome plating process. This additive should be used to prepare the initial working bath along with Chrome Salt and also for regular replenishment.

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    the most commonly deposited metals. Hard chrome is used as a wear resistant coating not only on steel but also on a wide variety of other metals. Hard chromium differs from decorative chromium not only because of its use but also because of the difference in deposit thickness. A typical hard chrome deposit is in the range of 0.0005" - 0.0100

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    Chemical Composition of Chrome Plating | It Still Runs

    Decorative chrome plating is the shiny plating that you see on the surfaces of cars and motorcycles. Unlike hard chrome plating, it is only millionths of an inch thick--at least the chromium metal is. Decorative plating includes not just chromium, but also at least one layer of nickel below and often a layer of copper under that.

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    Trivalent chrome: 98.49 g/l Sulphate: 2.71 g/l Copper: 4.51 g/l Iron: 1.46 If anyone detects any other problem in the constituents I'd love to know. Ashutosh Harish Hard chrome plating - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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    ChromKlad 1500 is an industrial (hard) chromium plating process which utilizes a soluble, mixed catalyst system. It has the advantage that it can be supplied either as a solid or a liquid additive, depending upon the customers’ demands.