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    Defoamers and Antifoam for Water Treatment - Crucible Chemical

    Foamkill 618: This general-purpose defoamer is suitable for use in water treatment ponds.It offers exceptional dilution stability. Foamkill 675: This organo-silicone defoamer is ideal for general-type detergent aeration treatment systems.It accommodates a wide range of temperatures and pH levels. Foamkill 20: This low-cost, general-purpose organic defoamer is particularly effective in paper

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    Lavida™ WT 615 is a silicone antifoam emulsion, which can be used for water treatment industry, has good foam knockdown and rapid bubble break. It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam and very effective at very low concentration.

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    Water Treatment Chemicals — Performance Chemicals LLC

    Antifoams: Silicone, Organic (Non-silicone) Copolymer: Emulsions, 100% active liquids and in a solid water dilutable "brick" Process water effluents, Chemical plants, Centrifuge filter membrane systems: Defoamers: Organic oil based solid defoamers, silicone & Copolymer: Emulsions and 100% Solids: Sewage Plants, Paper Mills, Filter Presses

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    Silicone Defoamers and Anti-Foaming Agents | Crucible

    Foamkill 875 is an organo-silicone compounded defoamer, particularly effective in water-based inks, paints and adhesives, starch solutions, cutting oils, and detergent solutions. Foamkill R-22 is a concentrated silicone emulsion defoamer primarily for use in wastewater treatment and agrochemicals.

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    Organic Silicon Defoamer - Water Treatment Chemical

    Water Treatment Chemicals (6) Certification. Customer Reviews. White / Light Yellow Milky Liquid Anti Foam Agent , PH 6.5 ~ 8.5 Silicone Based Defoamer. Contact Now. Clean water Weak Anionic Organic Silicon Defoamer PH 6.5~8.5 GB / T 26527-2011 Specification: Organic silicon 90%min Appearance White or light yellow emulsion pH 6.5~8.5

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    Organic Silicon Defoamer - Water Treatment Chemical

    Organic silicon defoamer Specification: Appearance White or light yellow viscous emulsion pH 6.5~8.5 Viscosity 500~4000 mPa.s Solubility in water Water soluble emulsion ionic Weak anionic Appropriate thinner 10

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    Antifoam Agents for Water Treatment - AMS Applied Material

    Antifoam Agents for Water Treatment Home > Industries > Water Treatment Many different types of municipal and industrial water treatment applications are prone to air entrainment and foaming, and industries as varied as food processing plants, refineries, and paper mills typically require antifoams for their wastewater.

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    Antifoaming Agents and Defoamers | Water Treatment Products

    Defoamers, also known as antifoams, are additives used in manufacturing processes that require stable water conditions for optimum production efficiency. Antifoams and defoamers are commonly found in two formats (organic and silicone-based) and are used in a wide range of applications where the creation of foam during a process is undesirable.

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    Highly active, cost-effective silicone antifoams and non-silicone defoamers for the prevention or suppression of foams in chemical processing, textile manufacture, water processing and detergents. View products & applications, use our product selector and request samples.

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    All Chemical Defoamer or Antifoam is a low viscosity product which facilitates the rapid spread of our Defoamer on foamy surfaces. It has affinity to the air-liquid surface interface where it destabilizes the foam surface tension. Silicone-based defoamers are polymers with silicone backbones. These are delivered as an oil or a water based emulsion.

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    Our products include silicone defoamers, food-grade / USDA-certified defoamers, organic defoamers, water-based emulsion defoamers, potable water treatment chemicals, flocculent polymers, corrosion inhibitors, e-coat paint detackification products, and sequestrants for color and scale water problems.