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    Triphenyl Phosphate(TPP) Flame Retardant, 115‐86‐6 Mfg | Baoxu

    TPP Is A Halogen Free Flame Retardant Plasticizer For Phenolic Resin, Vinyl Resin And Rubber, 7*24 Online Chat, Free Samples, Triphenyl Phosphate(TPP), 115‐86‐6 Description. Product Name: Triphenyl Phosphate(TPP) Molecular Weight: 326.29. Molecular Formula: C18H15O4P. Chemical Structure. Application. TPP

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    Triphenyl phosphate (TPhP) is the chemical compound with the formula OP(OC 6 H 5) 3.This colourless solid is the ester (triester) of phosphoric acid and phenol.It is used as a plasticizer and a fire retardant in a wide variety of settings and products.

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    Triphenyl phosphate (TPP) – Tomato Chemical

    MF: C18H15O4P CAS NO.: 115-86-6 Appearance: White flake or crystal Properties As an additive type flame retardant plasticizer, it has good transparency, flexibility and antimicrobial properties. Excellent water resistance and oil resistance, good electric insulation and compatibility. Specification Item Unit Index Color APHA ≤80 Acid value mg KOH/g ≤0.1 Moisture w/w% ≤0.1 Density(50°C)

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    Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP) - Novista - datasheet

    Triphenyl Phosphate. Acts as plasticizer and fireproof additive in a wide variety of coatings. Find products that are predicted to be compatible with Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP). Access Reliable Product Information . Database of 76764 Coatings Ingredients,

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    China Phosphorus Flame Retardant Triphenyl Phosphate Tpp

    Triphenyl phosphate Chemical Name: Triphenyl phosphate Brand Name: EcoFlame P-326 CAS NO.: 115-86-6 Application: EcoFlame P-326 is a non-halogen flame retardant plasticizer for phenolic resin based, copper clad laminated, cellulose resin, vinyl resin and rubber, and some engineer plastics such as PPO.

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    Effects of ammonium polyphosphate and triphenyl phosphate

    Ammonium polyphosphate (APP) and triphenyl phosphate (TPP) were used as flame retardants that are including the organic phosphor to increase flame retardancy of GF‐reinforced composites. APP, TPP, and APP‐TPP mixture flame retardant including composites were prepared by using extrusion and injection molding methods.

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    Impact of the flame retardant additive triphenyl phosphate

    TPP is not considered to be a suitable flame retardant for high power applications. Abstract This study presents an extensive characterization of a standard Li-ion battery (LiB) electrolyte containing different concentrations of the flame retardant triphenyl phosphate (TPP) in the context of high power applications.

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    : Triphenyl Phosphate(TPP) : Phosflex TPP; Reofos TPP;Disflamoll TP : 115‐86‐6 : 326.29 : C18H15O4P Description TPP is a non‐halogen flame retardant plasticizer for phenolic resin‐based, copper clad laminate, cellulose resin, vinyl resin and rubber, and some engineering plastics such as PPO.

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    TRIPHENYL PHOSPHATE PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION CAS NO. 115-86-6 EINECS NO. 204-112-2 FORMULA (C 6H5O)3PO TPP is used as; · Flame-retardant in many plastics and reins especially in phenolic resin for the · Component of hydraulic fluids and lubricant oils. · Non-flammable plasticizer or additive in cellulose for photographic films, polyester

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    Triphenyl Phosphate

    Menachem Lewin, Edward D. Weil, in Fire Retardant Materials, 2001. Chemical modes of action. It has been shown that volatile phosphorus compounds are efficient flame inhibitors. 149, 150 Mass spectroscopy studies by Hastie at the National Bureau of Standards 151–153 showed that triphenyl phosphate and triphenylphosphine oxide break down in the flame to small molecular species such as

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    TPP: A toxic flame retardant | Toxic-Free Future

    About TPP. Triphenyl phospate (TPP or TPHP) is a toxic flame retardant used in polyurethane foam for furniture and children’s products, as a component in the product known as Firemaster 550, and in electronics casings and other plastics. It is also used as a plasticizer and is used in other types of products, including nail polish. How am I