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  • anti-ozone waxes to protect tires & rubber articles | paramelt

    Anti-ozone waxes to protect tires & rubber articles | Paramelt

    Protektor™ and Akcera™ anti-ozone wax for technical rubber In technical applications such as belts, hoses, gaskets and mats and shoes soles Akcera™ and Protektor™ brands have been established to meet the specific demands of these technical products.

  • the role of petroleum waxes in the protection of rubber

    The role of petroleum waxes in the protection of rubber

    The foregoing remarks on wax composition become important and relevant in the context of surface protection, when the behavior of wax within a rubber vulcanizate is examined. At vulcanization temperatures petroleum waxes dissolve completely in most vulcanizates. As the rubber cools a supersaturated wax solution is formed inside the compound.

  • rubber wax blends - coated paper, foil laminates

    Rubber Wax Blends - Coated Paper, Foil Laminates

    KEYWAX Rubber/Wax Concentrates are most often used as wax additives for paper converting. This improves the quality of the wax for coated paper, and for laminating paper to foil and paperboard.

  • surface modifiers / wax additives - lubrizol

    Surface Modifiers / Wax Additives - Lubrizol

    Lubrizol surface modifiers are advanced wax additive components that enable coating formulators to enhance and protect at the interface between an ink or coating and the outside world.

  • use of waxes for ozone protection in rubber

    use of waxes for ozone protection in rubber

    The microcrystalline wax also adheres to the rubber surface better than the paraffin wax, again aiding a longer lasting wax film. Thus the optimum wax for most field applications is a blend of several molecular weight paraffin waxes with a small amount of microcrystalline wax. Akrowax™5026, 5030, 5031, and 5084 are in this class of blended wax.

  • tire and rubber - igi wax - wax blending, wax products

    Tire and Rubber - IGI WAX - Wax Blending, Wax Products

    Anti ozone waxes for tire and rubber products IGI is the global leader in the formulation and production of anti-ozone waxes for use in vehicle tires and rubber articles. The driving force behind the superior quality and performance of IGI anti-ozone waxes is our team of experienced technologists.

  • fatty amides & bisamides - pmc biogenix

    Fatty Amides & Bisamides - PMC Biogenix

    Our Kemamide ® and Armoslip ® fatty amide products provide a broad selection of plastics additives, wax additives and lubricants to a wide range of applications. Our commitment to consistent and reliable supply of high quality fatty amides to our customer base is demonstrated by our strong and secure sourcing of critical, unique, and natural

  • industrial lubricating waxes: dry lubrication made easy

    Industrial lubricating waxes: dry lubrication made easy

    Lubricating waxes are not solid lubricants in the proper sense. They form a dry-to-the-touch layer on the surface of the prepared part to ensure reliable lubrication while reducing boundary and mixed lubrication friction. They consist of high-molecular synthetic hydrocarbons, additives and oil (mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon).

  • wax production and imports - industrial raw materials llc

    Wax Production and Imports - Industrial Raw Materials LLC

    Tire and Rubber: wax is a vital component in rubber tire formulations; it is added for protection from atmospheric ozone that will "dry" unprotected rubber, causing cracking that compromises the strength of the tire. Wax creates a physical barrier between the tire surface and the atmosphere. Wax Production and Imports

  • wax additives -

    Wax Additives -

    Bleached Montan waxes are among the most versatile waxes. The special derivates are used all over the world as multifunctional high-performance additives in various industries, and all fulfil very different functions. Important applications can be found in the plastics industry, in the coatings industry and in the cosmetics and pharma industry.

  • shandong yanggu huatai chemical co., ltd._others

    Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd._Others

    The first listed company in the rubber additives industry in China! Professional manufacturer of rubber additives, serving the world rubber industry integrating high quality, full range, The industry leader in a package of supply solutions. rubber protective wax and resin. Multiple patents and honors. The company is one of the first