environmental rheological additives for thickener

  • thickeners and rheology additives - chem tech - product - acat

    Thickeners and Rheology Additives - chem tech - product - ACAT

    The selection of a suitable thickener depends crucially on application field and application technique. With a proper selection and a clever combination the rheological behaviour can be adjusted appropriately and user-friendly. In a more and more competitive environment this is an ideal way of: Creating Additive Value!

  • borchers rheological additives

    Borchers Rheological Additives

    the rheological additives must comply with strict, modern-day requirements on environmental compatibility. In addition to the already known problems with VOCs, there has been much debate for some time now on the usability of some glycol derivatives (e.g. ethylene

  • rheology additives – byk

    Rheology Additives – BYK

    By using rheology additives, the application properties of the most varied of systems can be significantly improved. However, depending on the desired improvement, tailor-made solutions and a precise adaptation of the rheological profile are required.

  • thickening agent organoclay rheological additive used

    Thickening agent Organoclay Rheological Additive used

    Thickening agent Organoclay Rheological Additive used Grease lubricant with anti corrosion. Organoclay Rheological Additive CP-250A is a kind of purified and modified organoclay , designed especially for using in Grease based on synthetic oils such as vegetable oil, polyester oil.Modified organic bentonite has high gelling efficiency, fine thixotropy and perfect anti-settling.

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    US5164433A - Rheological agents and thickeners - Google

    US5164433A US07/686,473 US68647391A US5164433A US 5164433 A US5164433 A US 5164433A US 68647391 A US68647391 A US 68647391A US 5164433 A US5164433 A US 5164433A Authority US United States Prior art keywords starch clay thickener according rheological additive Prior art date 1991-04-17 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

  • technical background rheological additives

    Technical Background Rheological Additives

    Rheological Additives TEGO® ViscoPlus Rheological addi-tives (thickeners) must therefore be used to adjust the flow properties of water-borne coatings and printing inks. Rheology (Greek: rheos = flow or streaming, logos = word/science) is the study of deformation and flow of sub-

  • inorganic thickeners | 20 microns

    Inorganic Thickeners | 20 Microns

    Excellent Thixotropy, Bleachability, Adsorption, Swelling and Suspending Nature make Bentonite important. 20 Microns has Bentonite based Rheological Additives acting as Inorganic Thickeners for both Solvent and Water Borne Systems. 20 Microns produces its Water based Inorganic Thickeber under its brand “RIOBENT EW” which is a Highly

  • role and function of rheological additives in modern

    Role and Function of Rheological Additives in Modern

    Coarse Classification of Rheological Additives Rheological additives can be roughly divided according to their chemical nature into inorganic and organic thickeners, with a subsequent distinction being made between thickeners for solventborne systems and thickeners for waterborne systems (see Figure 1).

  • rheology modifiers in paints and coatings: types

    Rheology Modifiers in Paints and Coatings: Types

    Rheology modifiers are vital additives used in almost every coating to achieve desired rheological characteristics for the particular application. Apart from getting desired viscosity, these additives also help in controlling paint shelf stability, ease of application, open time / wet edge and sagging.

  • rheological additives in cosmetics - pure in cosmetics

    Rheological Additives in Cosmetics - pure in cosmetics

    Contents Introduction 2 Cosmetics and Rheology 4 ELEMENTIS Specialties Rheological Additives for cosmetics 6 Aqueous-Phase Additives 7 • Rheoluxe® Associate Thickeners 7 • Hectorite - The Benefits 8 • BENTONE® Hydrophilic Clays Non-Aqueous-Phase Additives 8 10 • BENTONE® Organophilic Clays 10 • BENTONE GEL® 11 • THIXCIN® R Rheological Additive Product Application and Selection 13

  • rheovis - basf

    Rheovis - BASF

    RHEOVIS synthetic rheology modifiers are designed for aqueous systems, including non-ionic associative (HEUR / HMPE), anionic associative (HASE) and non-associative thickener (ASE) technologies. Each product class has its own properties and applications.