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    Di-n-octyl phthalate (cas 117-84-0) msds download

    Di-n-octyl phthalate was biodegraded 61% in 42 days and 83% in 63 days in sandy soil and sandy soil mixed with gravel/till taken from a plasticizer manufacturing site(8). Di-n-octyl phthalate, at a starting concentration of 10-100 mg/L, had a half-life of 498.6 hours in acclimated activated sludge(9).

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    Dioctyl phthalate | CAS#:117-84-0 | Chemsrc

    Chemsrc provides Dioctyl phthalate(CAS#:117-84-0) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of Dioctyl phthalate are included as well.

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    Cas 117-84-0,DI-N-OCTYL PHTHALATE | lookchem

    Complete degradation of DI-N-OCTYL PHTHALATE (cas 117-84-0) by biochemical cooperation between Gordonia sp. strain JDC-2 and Arthrobacter sp. strain JDC-32 isolated from activated sludge 08/29/2019. Two bacterial strains were isolated from activated sludge using mixtures of phthalic acid esters (PAEs) as the sole source of carbon and energy.

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    Purchase CAS 117-84-0 Certified Reference Standards from AccuStandard. Order Di-n-octyl phthalate (CRM) as Catalog No. AS-E0067.

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    Dioctyl phthalate - ChemSec

    Dioctyl phthalate. Print. Share. CAS Number. 117-84-0. Name. Dioctyl phthalate. SIN Groups. Phthalates. Reason for inclusion on the SIN List. This substance has endocrine disrupting properties. In vitro studies show interference with thyroid function. In vivo reproductive and developmental effects have been seen in daphnia, fish and rodents.

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    CAS No.117-84-0,Dioctyl phthalate Suppliers,MSDS download

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    Di-n-octyl phthalate - Environmental Chemistry

    Skip to page content; Skip to site menu on this page. Chemical Database Di-n-octyl phthalate Identifications. CAS Number: 117-84-0; RCRA Waste Number: U107; Synonyms/Related: 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, dioctyl ester

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    117-84-0Dioctyl phthalate==Chemicals Product CAS NO

    Chemical CAS 117-84-0 Product,Dioctyl phthalate,Chemical CAS Number, Chemical CAS NO. Search,Chemical Suppliers

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    Di-n-octyl phthalate >= 98.0 % GC | 117-84-0 | Sigma-Aldrich

    Di-n-octyl phthalate ≥98.0% (GC) Synonym: DNOP, Phthalic acid di-n-octyl ester CAS Number 117-84-0. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 24 H 38 O 4. Molecular Weight 390.56 . Beilstein/REAXYS Number 1915994 . EC Number 204-214-7. MDL number MFCD00015292. PubChem Substance ID 57652830. NACRES NA.22

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    Dioctyl phthalate | C24H38O4

    Dioctyl phthalate. DI-N-OCTYL PHTHALATE. 117-84-0. dioctyl benzene-1,2-dicarboxylate. Dinopol NOP. n-Octyl phthalate. Vinicizer 85. DNOP. Phthalic acid, dioctyl ester. Polycizer 162. Phthalic acid di-n-octyl ester. Dioctyl 1,2-benzenedicarboxylate. Dioctyl o-benzenedicarboxylate. RCRA waste number U107. 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, dioctyl

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    化工产品查询提供CAS号117-84-0,邻苯二甲酸二正辛酯,邻苯二甲酸二正辛酯,邻苯二甲酸二正辛酯(DNOP),n-Dioctyl phthalate,C24H38O4物理化学基本性质,分子式,分子结构,密度,熔点,沸点,价格,作用,应用,供应商,危险品标志,别名等信息