coarse porous silica gel is white in appearance lumpy spherical

  • fng water-resistant silica gel 4-8mm coarse porous silica

    Fng Water-resistant Silica Gel 4-8mm Coarse Porous Silica

    FNG water-resistant silica gel is white or gray multi-porous particles, divided into block and spherical. This product is a kind of silica gel processed by powder. In addition to ordinary silica gel adsorption properties, it also has the advantages of good water resistance, low crushing rate and long service life

  • silica gel | lubon industry co.,ltd.

    Silica gel | LuBon Industry CO.,LTD.

    Coarse pore silica white in appearance , there are massive, spherical and spherical micro three products . Coarse -porous spherical silica and the like is mainly used to remove acid gas purification , drying agents , and the insulating oil ; coarse pore silica gel is mainly used for the catalyst carrier block , drying , gas and liquid

  • porous adsorbent, porous adsorbent suppliers

    porous adsorbent, porous adsorbent Suppliers

    Coarse porous silica gel is white in appearance lumpy spherical US $740.00 - $740.00 / Metric Ton

  • china porous adsorbent, china porous adsorbent

    China Porous Adsorbent, China Porous Adsorbent

    Coarse porous silica gel is white in appearance lumpy spherical Shandong Qiying Nanotech Co., Ltd. US $740.00 / Metric Ton

  • spherical white silica gel

    Spherical white silica gel

    The white spherical silica gel has the same characteristics of the classic silica gel in granules, the standard granulometry is 2.5-5 mm. The difference lies in the shape of the crystal that is in spheres (or beads). The spherical white silica gel is particularly suitable for drying flowers and plants, since the beads, being perfectly smooth and rounded, can not cause damage to the plant.

  • porous silica material | coorstek corporation

    Porous Silica Material | CoorsTek Corporation

    Since porous silica material is made from transparent silica glass grains, it can transmit light, which differs in characteristic from other porous but non-light transmitting ceramic materials such as alumina. The light transmitted is a diffused light owing to the porosity of the material, and the effect is a white but not transparent light.

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    Coarse porous silica gel is white in appearance lumpy spherical US$740.00 / 메트릭톤

  • mesoporous silica and their applications | sigma-aldrich

    Mesoporous Silica and their Applications | Sigma-Aldrich

    The porous silica spheres are spherical particles with quasi ordered porosity. Recent developments in the manufacturing of mesoporous silica, allowing large scale production (up to kg scale), has facilitated their move from laboratory based research to more advanced application driven research.

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    lumpy Promociones

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  • penetration of fine cohesive powders through a powder

    Penetration of fine cohesive powders through a powder

    2. EXPERIMENTAL 2.1. Materials In the present work, silica sand, limestone, glass beads, bentonite, silica gel (White A type; Toyotakako) and composite clay (Mizukanite AQ-048; Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals) were sieved to 500–590 µm to have an average particle size of 550 µm for use as coarse particles (group B).

  • china white and pure irregular grains for silica gel

    China White and Pure Irregular Grains for Silica Gel

    A-typ Silica Gel is also called TS6 silica gel or fine pored silica gel. Appearance looks transparent or translucent glass-like spherical or irregular granules. Its average pore diameter: 2.0-3.0 nm specific surface area:: 650-800 m 2 / g pore volume: 0.35-0.45 ml/g specific heat: 0.92 KJ/kg.ºC thermal conductivity: 0.63 KJ/,ºC