catalyst carrier silica gel with large specific surface area

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    Silica gel | Chemical Product Catalog - Chemsrc

    Silica gel has the characteristics of chemical inertness, large specific surface area, high internal porosity and strong adsorption capacity, and is widely used as a desiccant desiccant, a dehydrating agent, an adsorbent, a filler and a catalyst carrier.

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    Surface area and pore volume play an integral role in catalyst design, and can be independently controlled during the gel manufacturing process, resulting in various combinations of SA and PV. The size and shape of silica supports have a major effect on controlling the final polymer size and morphology, as well as the productivity of the

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    Silica gel's high specific surface area (around 800 m 2 /g) allows it to adsorb water readily, making it useful as a desiccant (drying agent). Silica gel is often described as "absorbing" moisture, which may be appropriate when the gel's microscopic structure is ignored, as in silica gel packs or other products.

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    Big wide pore silica gel Supplier

    Big Wide Pore Silica Gel is widely used as beer stabilizer, catalyst, and catalyst carrier. It is also used to absorb high polymer proteins in fermented products, refine and purify active substances, purify water and recycle precious metals, separate active ingredients from Chinese herbal medicine and synthetic drugs, and many more.

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    Uses of inorganic silica gel and organic silica gel

    Silica gel is a porous material with different particle sizes formed by proper dehydration of silicic acid gel mSiO2·nH2O. It has an open porous structure with a large specific surface (surface area per unit mass) and can adsorb many substances. It is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. The adsorption of silica gel is mainly

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    Catalyst Supports and Carriers Selection Guide

    Colloidal silica supports and carriers: The products act as binders and supports/carriers for catalytic materials exhibiting the following properties: Exceptional inorganic binding; Inertness in the majority of chemical systems; High stability at normal reaction temperatures; Large specific surface area to enhance catalytic activity

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    Large surface area activated alumina as noble metal platinum palladium carrier catalyst. Country/Region: China. Catalyst,Ceramic Ball,Sodium Lignosulphonate,Catalyst Carrier,Silica Gel,Activated Carbon,Molecular Sieve,Aluminum Hydroxide,Alumina Oxide Powder,Activated Alumina Ball. Total Revenue: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

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    SILICA-AERO. Production of lightweight Silica Aerogel

    accompanied by a large specific surface area. In figure 1 the silica aerogel monolith, its nanostructure and a schematic representation of a pore are shown. Due to their excellent specific surface area, the y are also suitable as catalysts or as carrier material for catalysts (Schneider and Baiker 1995). Because of their low thermal

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    Silica Aerogel. Silica aerogel is the most common type of aerogel, and the most extensively studied and used. It is silica-based and can be derived from silica gel or by a modified Stober process.The lowest-density silica nanofoam weighs 1,000 g/m 3, which is the evacuated version of the record-aerogel of 1,900 g/m 3. The density of air is 1,200 g/m 3 (at 20 °C and 1 atm).

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    Specific Surface Area

    C. Amador, L. Martin de Juan, in Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 2016. 4.4 Specific Surface Area. The specific surface area of a particle is a function of porosity, pore size distribution, shape, size, and roughness. The role of the specific surface area is critical in the design of a heterogeneous catalyst where typically a domain with high specific surface area (e.g., γ-alumina, silica

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    Catalyst Support Silica Gel

    A catalyst indispensable to all chemical industry fields . To create an optimized catalyst carrier, Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd. has developed silica gel technology that precisely controls surface area, pore volume, and average pore diameter. This development makes CARiACT a versatile product for catalyzed systems.