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  • n-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolylsulfenamide 95-33-0 | 東京化成工業株式会社

    N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolylsulfenamide 95-33-0 | 東京化成工業株式会社

    CAS RN: 95-33-0: Reaxys Registry Number: 192376: PubChem Substance ID: 87565678: MDL番号

  • n,n-dicyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide | c19h26n2s2

    N,N-Dicyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide | C19H26N2S2

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  • n,n-dicyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolessulfenamide cas n°: 4979-32-2


    No. 120-78-5), of N-cyclohexylbenzothiazole-2-sulfenamide (CAS No. 95-33-0) and of the sulfenamide accelerator category should be taken into account. OECD SIDS N, N-DICYCLOHEXYL-2-BENZOTHIAZOLESULFENAMIDE

  • allergy to rubber accelerators | dermnet nz

    Allergy to rubber accelerators | DermNet NZ

    Allergy to rubber accelerators, Benzothiazole allergy, Carba chemical allergy, Thiuram allergy, Hexamethylenetetramine allergy, Methenamine allergy, Contact dermatitis to rubber accelerators. Authoritative facts from DermNet New Zealand.

  • بازرگانی پترو پلیمر

    بازرگانی پترو پلیمر

    Accelerator DPG به عنوان یک شتاب دهنده ثانویه با تیازول ها و سولفن آمید ها در ترکیبات NR و SBR استفاده می شود. در مقایسه با تيورام و دي تيو کربرمات، ثبات ذخیره سازی را نشان می دهد اما فعال نیست.

  • 환경부고시 제2015-92호 화학물질의 등록 및 평가 등에 관한 법률 제조에 따른 등록대상기존 년 월 일

    환경부고시 제2015-92호 화학물질의 등록 및 평가 등에 관한 법률 제조에 따른 등록대상기존 년 월 일

    - 5 - 순 번 화학물질 명칭* 고유번호 (CAS No.) 등록 유예기간 139Hexahydrobenzene ; Cyclohexane 110-82-7 고시일로부터 3년 140Ethyleneglycol monoethyl ether acetate 111-15-9 고시일로부터 3년 141Glutaraldehyde 111-30-8 고시일로부터 3년 1422-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethanol 111-77-3 고시일로부터 3년 143N-Butyl-1-butanamine ; n-Dibutylamine 111-92-2

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    CAS_CAS号查询_CAS no查询 - 爱化学


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    HS Code search engine HTS tariff classification hs codes

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  • 2-(2h-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-ditertpentylphenol


    The CAS number is the substance numerical identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society, to substances registered in the CAS registry database. A substance identified primarily by an EC or list number may be linked with more than one CAS number, or with CAS numbers that have been deleted.

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    Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD): The Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) ( includes full label derived information from dietary supplement products marketed in the U.S. with a Web-based user interface that provides ready access to label information. This site is now being updated and maintained for access by the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements

  • n-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide | cas 95-33-0

    N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide | CAS 95-33-0

    Buy N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide (CAS 95-33-0), a product for proteomics research applications, from Santa Cruz. MF: C13H16N2S2, MW: 264.41