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    Antistatic Masterbatches - Kandui Industries Private Limited

    The use of anti-static agents in polymer components of electronic applications plays a pivotal role, as static charges can result in electronic discharge e.g. when films come in contact with sensitive electronic equipment during packing or when electronic components stored in plastic bin for longer period can damage the components.

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    antistatic agent plastic additive antistatic agent textile antistatic additives masterbatch Hangzhou Beisheng Polymer Material Co., Ltd. US $3.00-$3.60 / Kilogram

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    Antistatic Masterbatch Additives and Concentrates

    Additives and Masterbatches for Plastics. Antistatic Agents - Masterbatch. Filter. Antistatic Agent Masterbatch Our plant is based on the state of the art technology which is currently used in a very few companies in the developed countries. Anti Static Masterbatch: Antistatic masterbatch is used to reduce the electrical resistance on

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    Antistatic Master Batch – Technofill Additives

    Antistatic Masterbatch generally these additives work by migrating to the surface of the polymer, usually in a molecular or multi-molecular layer, and attracting water molecules from the atmosphere. The water lowers the surface resistivity from the approximate value of 1014 – 1015 ohms for most polymers (including styrenics and polyolefinics

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    Antistatic Agent Antistatic agents are added to polymers/plastic articles during processing in order to minimize the natural tendency of most plastics to accumulate static charge. In general, these additives work by migrating to the surface of the polymer and attracting water molecules from the atmosphere.

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    GYC-AT-50 Permanent, Long-acting Anti-Static Agent

    As a water-resistant long-acting anti-static agent, GYC-AT-50 can apply to masterbatch, blowing, extrusion . Features. Efficiently reduce resistivity. Long-acting anti-static effect Performance will not be decreased by wiping or exterior friction. Good compatability with various general and engineering plastic. Excellent dispersing ability

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    Additive Masterbatches for Functional Performance

    These masterbatches are modern formulations which maximize additive usage, providing plastics processors optimal functionality at minimum cost of usage, and are available world-wide. For a PDF version of the below information, view our Additive Masterbatch brochure. Anti-Static Masterbatch. More about Anti-Statics

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    Antistatic Masterbatches Primer | AMPACET CORPORATION

    The antistatic additive forms an interconnecting or percolating network (similar to conductive carbon black) and dissipation of the static. Charge occurs by an ionic conduction mechanism. As a result, much higher loadings of this product are required, as compared to the traditional migratory antistats, to achieve good antistatic performance.

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    Selection of Antistatic Agents for Polymers

    Anti-static agents are used to either manage static charges during various stages of processing or to provide long-term static protection based on end-use applications. But, searching the right additive for your product among a variety of them available in the market, could be a daunting task! Get a comprehensive review of important aspects related to antistats and their chemistries along with

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    Antistatic/ESD additive for TPU Antistatic/ESD additives for PU avanSTATIC TPU MB: concentrated MB in TPU pellet format to match the electrical resistance target of each of our customer’s products. Different TPU grades for the base of the MB are available. avanION 35: cost-effective ESD and antistatic additive. It is an anhydrous additive for

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    Antistatic Agent

    The antistatic agent has been widely used in the plastic industry and exhibits a broad application prospect in the furniture industry. The antistatic agent is a kind of amphiphilic molecule belonging to the organic polymer surfactant. The structural formula of the antistatic agent can be abbreviated to R-Y-X.The R terminal is nonpolar lipophilic hydrocarbon chain, such as CH, C 6 H 5, and so on.