accept oem brand fire retardant additives for pvc wires,for plastic

  • flame retardants for fire proof plastics - polymer additives

    Flame Retardants for Fire Proof Plastics - Polymer Additives

    Additive vs Reactive Flame Retardants There are several chemical classes of flame retardants used with polymers including Brominates FR's, Organo Phosphorus FR's, Melamine-based FR's, Metal Hydroxide FR's, etc. Apart from these chemical classes, there are other flame retardants that can be incorporated into a polymer. They may act as additive and reactive flame retardants.

  • improved fire protection - plastic additives

    Improved fire protection - Plastic Additives

    Flame-retardant plastics can save lives by delaying the spread of a fire, allowing valuable time for firefighting. But flame retardants based on metal hydroxide can achieve their full effect only if the right processing aids are used in the production of the flame-retardant compounds. Jointly with its partners, Evonik has developed

  • cpvc fire retardant | emco industrial plastics

    CPVC Fire Retardant | Emco Industrial Plastics

    CPVC is a popular engineering material due to its relatively low cost, high glass transition temperature, high heat distortion temperature, chemical inertness, and flame and smoke properties. CPVC is used in a variety of industrial applications where a high functional temperature and resistance to corrosive chemicals are desirable.

  • performance fire retardant additives


    Huber offers a broad product line of high performing non-halogen fire retardant additives to exceed the needs of wire and cable compounders and producers. The following are the primary brands of Huber flame retardants and smoke sup-pressants that meet the demanding performance requirements of our customers: • Micral® Alumina Trihydrate

  • flame retardant masterbatch and fire retardant additives

    Flame Retardant Masterbatch and Fire Retardant Additives

    Suppliers and manufacturer of flame retardant masterbatch, fire retardant additives, flame retardant plastics. For further information on fire retardant masterbatches, flame retardant additives and plastics contact us at

  • fire retardant pvc | low smoke pvc | flame retardant pvc

    Fire Retardant PVC | Low Smoke PVC | Flame Retardant PVC

    Fire Retardant. One of the beneficial attributes of PVC is its natural fire retardancy properties. Dugdale’s standard fire retardant PVC and flame retardant PVC compounds (often described as low smoke PVC), satisfy the majority of requirements but, at Dugdale, we understand that one size does not always fit all and we have the expertise to create enhanced fire retardant PVC compounds should

  • flame retardant additives | smoke suppressant | huber

    Flame Retardant Additives | Smoke Suppressant | Huber

    See for yourself Huber's array of comprehensible fire testing capabilities. Huber offers a variety of non-halogen fire retardant additives for many applications. Metal hydroxides are the largest volume flame retardants used in the world. The two most widely used products are alumina trihydrate (Al(OH) 3) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH) 2).

  • pvc material fire retardants


    shows the best properties as a fire retardant PVC material, this work points to its high toxicity, offering a reason why it should not be used. Key words: polyvinyl chloride, fire retardant, toxicity 1. INTRODUCTION Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely used type of plastic that is, due to its flexibility and low cost, used for a

  • pvc and fire - envorinex

    PVC AND FIRE - Envorinex

    diluted with additives, the fire performance changes. High concentrations of organic materials will increase flammability; high concentrations of inorganic materials will reduce it. PVC formulations, like other natural and synthetic materials, give rise to smoke and to toxic gases when they burn.

  • flame-retardant cable vs. fire-rated/resistive cable | anixter

    Flame-Retardant Cable vs. Fire-Rated/Resistive Cable | Anixter

    Is a flame-retardant cable also fire-rated? No. A flame-retardant cable is not a fire-rated cable. A flame-retardant cable is designed only to restrict the spread of a fire by inhibiting combustion. Fire-resistive cables maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for a specific time under defined conditions such as fire.

  • fire retardant polypropylene sheet – flame retardant pp

    Fire Retardant Polypropylene Sheet – Flame Retardant PP

    It is light in weight, resistant to staining, and has a low moisture absorption rate. Flame retardant grades of polypropylene have various UL ratings. They are more expensive and, because of the addition of the flame retardant fillers, they have lower physical properties and fabricating qualities.