1533-45-5 99% purity plastic additives optical brightener ob-1 ob kcb cbs-x with msds for plastic,paint,masterbatch raw material

  • 1533-45-5 99% purity plastic additives optical brightener

    1533-45-5 99% Purity Plastic Additives Optical Brightener

    1533-45-5 99% purity plastic additives optical brightener OB-1 OB KCB CBS-X with MSDS for plastic,paint,masterbatch raw material Product Description Bright yellow crystalline powder, is a fine oxazole whitening agent, insoluble in water, stable performance, with good heat resistance, sun resistance, chlorine resistance and resistance to

  • doubletex ob-1 - optical brightener cas no. 1533-45-5

    DOUBLETEX OB-1 - Optical Brightener CAS No. 1533-45-5

    DOUBLETEX OB-1 (CAS No. 1533-45-5) is a bis-benzoxazole optical brightener for coatings and plastics. It is recommended for use in the following applications: enhance whiteness for white pigmented coating and plastics; as a whiteness mask for yellowish shelf clear coating; printing ink for security, safeguard; manufacture of fluorescent pigments/dyestuffs to reinforce the brightness; and

  • optical brightener eastobrite ob-1, cas# 1533-45-5 mfg

    Optical Brightener Eastobrite OB-1, CAS# 1533-45-5 Mfg

    Optical Brightener OB-1 Is A High Temperature Fluorescent Whitening Agent For Polyester Fiber, Polyamide, Nylon. CAS 1533-45-5, Replace Eastobrite OB-1

  • plastic optical brightener ob, ob-1, ksn, fp-127 | china

    Plastic Optical Brightener OB, OB-1, KSN, FP-127 | China

    Typical optical brightener for plastics includes FP-127, KCB, KSN, OB, OB-1. optical brightener FP-127(fluorescent brightener 378). It’s suited for all kinds of PVC products, highly effective and environment-friendly. optical brightener KCB (fluorescent brightener 376). It’s used to replace Clariant Telalux KCB.

  • optical brighteners | madison polymer additives

    Optical Brighteners | Madison Polymer Additives

    OB-205 is especially suitable for shaping various kinds of plastics and their products under high temperature. It has an extra ideal whitening effect on polyester-cotton blend fabric. It can be used for whitening polyester melt.

  • fluorescent brightening agent manufacturer - quality

    Fluorescent Brightening Agent manufacturer - quality

    OB -1 Optical Brightener Powder In Synthetic Detergent Good Effect And Stability. OBA 393 99% Purity Optical Brightener For Plastic / Master Batch Whitening Agent. Optical Brightening Agent Optical Brightener KCB For Woven Bag Plastic PVC.

  • optical brighteners for plastic industry - optical

    Optical Brighteners For Plastic Industry - Optical

    Optical Brighteners For Plastic Industry. To satisfy the requests and needs of our regarded customers, we exchange and supply excellent scope of Optical Brightener Plastics for Plastic Industry.All the offered specialists are broadly used to accumulate out intrinsic yellowness paints, inks, plastics, photographic arrangements and filaments.

  • optical brighteners (ob) - thermoplastic polymers

    Optical brighteners (OB) - Thermoplastic polymers

    Additives > Optical Optical brightener Also called optical correctors or optical brighteners or fluorescent whitening agents, are organic compounds, usually colorless or slightly colored that are dispersed in a polymer matrix, act, converting a portion of the ultraviolet rays in blue-violet light (400 and 500 nm) to cover the eventual beige

  • optical brightener pf supplier & manufacturer | baoxu chemical

    Optical Brightener PF Supplier & Manufacturer | Baoxu Chemical

    Purity: ≥99% Melting point: 182-188℃ >Features: >Optical Brightener PF is used in brightening PVC, PS, PP, polyester film, PE, ABS, organic glass, visiting card, high quality paper ,etc. >Recommended concentrations is 0.05-0.5% depend on the application and degree of desired whiteness.

  • optical brightener ob, uvitex tinopal ob, 7128-64-5 mfg

    Optical Brightener OB, Uvitex Tinopal OB, 7128-64-5 Mfg

    >Optical Brightener OB is used as an brightener and to offset the yellowness of a polymer and yield a whiter appearance. Mainly used as thermoplastic (PVC, PS, PE, PP, ABS) optical brightener. Also for coatings, printing inks, paints, dyes, manufactured fibers, synthetic leather, waxes, fats, and oils. Recommend indoor use only.

  • optical brightener with msds, optical brightener with msds

    optical brightener with msds, optical brightener with msds

    1533-45-5 99% purity plastic additives optical brightener OB-1 OB KCB CBS-X with MSDS for plastic,paint,masterbatch raw material US $24.80 - $30.00 / Kilogram